the Milkman e-liquid

The underlying scent of a freshly-baked vanilla cake, the smooth inhale of warm milk and the transition of a sweet, strawberry pop tart as it hits your throat on the exhale has indeed put creators, Vaping Rabbit on the map. The smell is intense! This innovative concept to infuse a bakery scent with an irresistible strawberry milkshake would, of course, have sweet-tooth vapers craving for more. Got Milk?

the Milkman e-liquid

Unlike other translucent or transparent glass-bottled e-juices, the 30ml unique flavour is packed in a white, opaque plastic bottle with a black, childproof cap and a built-in pipette. The packaging is also what makes The Milkman stand out from the crowd. Each bottle comes in a quirky milk carton, complete with its own "missing persons" graphic, a label in which it states that this product "Contains No Milk" (lactose-free, hooray!) and specifications - a  visually pleasing product indeed. The Milkman is Max VG (99%) which allows a dense cloud with an equally deserving taste. This 30ml premium e-juice come in three nicotine levels (0, 3, 6) which allows this product to cater to a wider customer-range.

the Milkman e-liquid

I purchased The Milkman from www.dripclub.com with 0 nicotine level. The inhale and exhale is very smooth and produces a thick cloud. Although it is described as a strawberry pop tart,  I felt that the strawberry could have been much more prominent. Another very small flaw is that the plastic bottle is opaque and therefore cannot display how much liquid is left. On the other hand, the exclusive design really made this particular product stand out for me. If you love bakery tastes as much as I do, I highly recommend this juice. For reference to this review, I have sampled the product with an itaste MVP 3.0 box mod and a Kangertech nano tank - 25W. Overall, I have nothing negative to say. The Milkman is definitely on my Top 3 list of flavours and I will definitely repurchase this again.

the Milkman e-liquid

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